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Do Any Of These Sound Like Your Current Situation…?

  • Your relationship was going well at first, but now all you do is fight and give each other the silent treatment. You love him but are tired and wish things would change.
  • All of a sudden he’s pulling away and not showing the same interest but he’s a good guy and you believe he’ll come back around.
  • Your relationship is stuck, you both want it to work but neither of you know what to do to get unstuck. You’re at a standstill and not sure how or where to start moving forward…

If you answered YES to any of these… I’m going to be completely honest with you…

The likelihood of things changing is slim to none…

Matter of fact, it’ll only get worse as time goes on!

When a relationship is good, it feels like the best thing ever but when things start to get off track, it can be hard to get it back to the way it was…

You’ve tried everything you can think of to get it back to how it was, but nothing seems to work. At this point, you’re deciding if you should cut your losses and move on.

Right now, you’re on the fence and not sure what to do next but you know you don’t want to be in your relationship if something doesn’t change soon…

Luckily for you, there’s a solution.

Let me introduce you to our newest challenge that will you give you the tools to FINALLY make a decision to either stay in your relationship or let it go.

After completing this challenge, your relationship will either grow stronger or it will be obvious that it needs to end and you should move on IMMEDIATELY.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll get all the tools you need to make sure that your relationship is worth keeping or if it’s time to move on.
  • You’ll get daily video lessons, an assessment worksheet, and daily action steps to take that help you check the main points of the relationship.
  • This challenge is an interactive relationship evaluation process that will give you what you need to decide.
  • You’ll get questions to ask yourself and your partner to know whether you and your partner are in alignment.
  • You’ll make sure that both of you are compatible in the 7 key areas of a successful relationship.
  • You’ll get questions to see if your partner is open to change and working on the relationship.
  • On the final day, you’ll have everything you need to make a decision based on everything you’ve learned over the 7-day challenge.

This Challenge Will Save Your Relationship Or Empower You To Walk Away!

A few months or years from now you’ll look back and be glad you made the decision to join this challenge. You’ll know you made the right decision.

Day 1 – What Do You Want? 

We’ll start off by getting clear on the kind of relationship the two of you want to have. You’ll learn the relationship you and your partner are trying to create.

Day 2 – Do You Love Him Or Your Ideas About Him?

Are you in a relationship with one another or do your ideas about one another? This lesson will talk about the traps that most couples fall into and causes a lot of conflicts.

Day 3 – Putting It All On The Table

In order to move forward, we need to make sure that we put everything on the table so that we can see what’s keeping the relationship stuck.

Day 4 – How to Get Past The Past

Once you put everything on the table, it’s time to see if you’re able to move the relationship forward. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know if you have a partnership or a sinking ship.

Day 5 – 7 Pillars Of A Healthy Relationship

In this lesson, we’ll walk you through our 7 Healthy Relationship Pillars Framework. Without knowing them, you’ll fall back into your old habits.

Day 6 – Is It Worth Fighting For? 

In this lesson, we’ll give you a step-by-step plan for you and your partner to use in order to see if the two of you will do what it takes for the relationship.

Day 7 – Decide To Stay Or Walk Away

Based on what you’ve learned over the last week, we’ll help you decide if you should Stay Or Walk Away.

Let Us Help You Make Sure You’re Not Leaving Your Relationship Too Soon!

After you’ve gone through this challenge, you’ll have a solid plan in place along with action steps to grow your relationship or the information you need to FINALLY make the decision to move on.

30 Day Unlimited Access

  • Be certain that your relationship has what it takes to last even if there’s been cheating, lies, and manipulation.
  • You’ll have activities, assignments, and exercises to reinforce what you’re learning.
  • You’ll know more about your partner in 7 days than you have in months or years.
  • Connection questions to start conversations that create a deeper bond.
  • What you should do next if you decide to leave or stay.

Stay Or Walk Away Challenge

Welcome To The Challenge
Day 1 – Did You Make A Mistake?

Welcome to Day 1 of the Stay Or Walk Away Challenge. In this first lesson, we'll take a look at what you and your partner want from the relationship and gauge if the two of you are in alignment. By the end of this lesson, you'll know how to ask the right questions to see the relationship your partner wants with you and what you want with them.

Day 1 Assignment
Day 2 – Why Your Relationship Is Stuck Going Nowhere?

In this lesson, we will make sure the two of you are in alignment and want the same things out of the relationship and in life. Many times, couples think they’re working together with their partners because we assume that because we’re in a relationship, we both want the EXACT same things. Of course, that’s not true, but by the end, learn how to get clear about what you both want out of the relationship. By the end of this lesson, you’ll see that most couples are in two different relationships based on what they want. You will have questions to ask your partner if you are working towards the same relationship.

Day 2 – Assignment
Day 3 – How To Talk Instead Of Argue
Day 3 – Assignment
Day 4 – Making Better Decisions Together
Day 4 – Assignment
Day 5 – You Can’t Do It Alone
Day 5 – Assignment
Day 6 – Keep Your Relationship Moving Forward
Day 6 – Assignment
Day 7 – Decision Day
Day 7 – Assignment

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