What is The Secret Love Language of Men?

The Secret Love Language of Men is a process of communicating with your man that allows him to be vulnerable. Men don’t think or communicate the same way women do. Over time men developed a different way to communicate feelings, love, and emotions that is difficult for women to understand. When a woman doesn’t understand how her man processes and expresses his emotions, their relationship becomes strained from trying to get him to connect. But what if there was a way to get him to connect on a deeper level by speaking his language?

Why Men Stop Expressing Emotions Vocally?

For boys, society tells them that being emotional is for girls and that having feelings make you weak. So as boys become men, we develop other ways of expressing our feelings and emotions. As men get into relationships this same perspective of not wanting to appear weak makes it hard to connect and create relationships that are full of passion and intimacy. This is what I have called emotional boundaries. Some would call this being “emotionally unavailable.” Which isn’t true! Men long for intimacy and want to feel connected just as much as women do in a relationship.

For most women knowing what to do or say to get him to open up becomes the challenge. Men want to have that deep kind of love they’ve always wanted since they were young. When he doesn’t feel that the woman he chose gets him,  he will try to seek that deep connection somewhere else. Some find better connections at work, with friends, or with other women. Why? Because they inadvertently tap into his subconscious and become in tune with who he is at the present. The attention he once gave you is now going somewhere else and when this happens you and your man become incompatible with one another.

The Secret Love Language of Men is The Process of Getting Your Man to Connect!

This is the roadmap into your man’s subconscious where his emotions and feelings are. Once you can tap into his subconscious, you will get his attention and his forever love. This is what every man wants a woman to be able to do to him. He wants to feel in love and emotionally vulnerable to the woman he loves. But love isn’t enough to keep a man in love with you. You have to know what it takes to get and keep him to open or he will look for other distractions that are more suitable. This course shows you exactly how to ignite his passion and keep his interest in you and your relationship.

Who Is This Course For?

If you’re frustrated with having to do all the work to make your relationship better, this course is for you. You’ve read all the marriage books, gone to marriage counseling and therapy. Nothing you’ve done seems to work. You feel like he does the bare minimum and doesn’t even try to make the relationship better.  Here’s the truth: if your man doesn’t get involved in the progress of your relationship, it will fail. Or even worse, you will end up being miserable in a loveless relationship. Do you want your man to be as involved and passionate about keeping your relationship strong? If so, you will have to learn how to tap into his emotions on a subconscious level. This course will teach you what he needs to hear and what you have to say for him to willingly make any changes. This is why marriage counseling and therapy rarely work. Matter of fact, did you know that 70% of couples that try marriage counseling end up in divorce? Yep! It’s not because what they’re saying isn’t good but it’s because it’s not effective for men. Not to mention all of the bad advice coming from “relationship experts” about men. They mean well, but it doesn’t work and only makes you feel that men are the problem. This causes you to feel that relationships are pointless and that no one is good enough to be with you.   It doesn’t have to and you don’t have to suffer at all. So before you give up or burn yourself out, enroll in the course today.

Why Do You Need This Course?

Men we have been condition to believe that “real men don’t show emotions”. We want to appear strong to our women. Trying to get him to open up as you would with one of your girlfriends isn’t going to work. Getting him to be vulnerable requires some serious communication skills.

You’ll need the right keys that open the right doors. In order to get your man to let his guard down, you have to know the 7 keys and how to apply them to open up the doors past his emotional boundaries. These boundaries control the depth of the connection a man will have with you. They guide men and let them know who to trust with their feelings. Even married women get shut out when they know how to unlock the feelings of their husbands. As your man changes, his openness with his feelings change as well. In the early stages of your relationship, you felt his openness and vulnerability.

He talked to you about everything; how much he loved you, how good you make him feel, and how things would be in the future. You felt so connected and in tuned with him then but somewhere along the line things changed between you two. Not only did things change, but he changed and so did you as well. You feel like you don’t even know your man anymore and truthfully, you don’t! When changes happen in a relationship, you have to know how to locate each other.

They happen so fast and are so small that it might take years to see the effects. Your man changed years or months ago and you’re just now catching up. When you don’t know what to look for in your man changes happen and this is the MAIN reason men shut down or begin to drift away. Their Women Don’t Know Them Anymore!

Now you might be thinking “but I know my man!” Some wives are with their husbands for 50+ years and never know them. They find out that he’s not the man she thought he was all those years. Don’t be that woman! Learn The Secret Love Language of Men so that you’ll get to know who he really is and not who you think he is.

What Will You Learn In The Secret Love Language of Men course?

The great thing about an online course is that you can start learning and apply what you learn now. You don’t have to wait for an appointment or someone to get back with you. Soon as you enroll, you start learning and changing your relationship today.

Here are some of the things that you will learn in this course:

  • Why your man shuts down and how to avoid it.
  • 7 keys that unlock the emotions of a man
  • The #1 thing all men wants (and if you have it you’ll have him in the palm of your hand)
  • Approaching meaningful conversations with your man the right way)
  • Creating the right environment for vulnerability. 
  • How to read his body language and nonverbal cues.
  • Make what you say matter!
  • The 23 questions that create chemistry

Why Men Shut Down & How to Avoid It

1 Min 14 Sec
Section 1 Lesson 1: The Emotional Boundaries of Men
Section 1 Lesson 2: Men’s Logic vs Women’s Emotions
Section 1 Lesson 3: The Variety of Ways Men Communicate Pt. 1
Section 1 Lesson 4: The Variety of Ways Men Communicate Pt. 2
Course Materials

The 7 Types of Men & The 1 Thing All Men Want

Section 2 Introduction: The 7 Types of Men
Section 2 Lesson 1: The 7 Types of Men
Section 2 Lesson 2: The 1 Thing All Men Want

Creating The Right Environment

Section 3 Introduction: Creating The Right Environment
Section 3 Lesson 1: How You Influence Communication
Section 3 Lesson 2: Influencing Your Man The Wrong Way
Section 3 Lesson 3: Influencing Your Man The Right Way
Section 3 Lesson 4: Approaching Deep Conversations
Section 3 Lesson 5: Seeking to Observe
Section 3 Lesson 6: Going In With An Open Mind
Section 3 Lesson 7: Let Him Speak
Section 3 Lesson 8: Reward The Behavior
7 Mins
Section 3 Lesson 9: Be Quick to Apologize

Communicating to His Subconscious

Section 4 Introduction: How to Communicate With His Subconscious
Section 4 Lesson 1: Gaining Access Into The Subconscious
4 Mins 25 Secs
Section 4 Lesson 2: The 3 Doors Into The Subconscious
8 Mins
Section 4 Lesson 3: Key #1
5 Mins 30 Secs
Section 4 Lesson 4: Key #2
Section 4 Lesson 5: Key #3
Section 4 Lesson 6: Key #4
Section 4 Lesson 7: Key #5
Section 4 Lesson 8: Key #6
Section 4 Lesson 9: Key #7
Section 4 Lesson 10: Sexual Intimacy From A Man’s Perspective

Make What You Say Matter

Section 5 Introduction: Make What You Say Matter
47 Secs
Section 5 Lesson 1: Seek to Understand But Speak to Influence
Section 5 Lesson 2: Blocks vs Bubbles
Section 5 Lesson 3: How He Needs to Hear What You Say
Section 5 Lesson 4: Getting & Keeping His Attention

Translating What He Says

Section 6 Introduction: Translating What He Says
Section 6 Lesson 1: How Does He Identify Himself?
Section 6 Lesson 2: Asking The Right Question
Section 6 Lesson 3: Understanding His Definitions
Section 6 Lesson 4: Understanding His Why’s

Keeping Your Connection Strong

Section 7 Introduction: Keeping Your Relationship Strong
55 Secs
Section 7 Lesson 1: Commit to Doing Things A New Way
Section 7 Lesson 2: What Changes Need to Happen?
5 Mins
Section 7 Lesson 3: Handling Conflict Pt. 1
Section 7 Lesson 4: Handling Conflict Pt. 2
Section 7 Lesson 5: Pay Attention to The Small Shifts
Section 7 Lesson 6: The Perpetual Honeymoon Pt. 1 – Constantly Redefine
Section 7 Lesson 7: The Perpetual Honeymoon Pt. 2 – Touch Often
Section 7 Lesson 8: The Perpetual Honeymoon Pt. 3 – Appreciate The Little Things
Section 7 Lesson 9: The Perpetual Honeymoon Pt. 4 – Enjoy The Journey Together

Bonus Q&A

Bonus Q/A Session

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