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Are You Tired Of Getting It Wrong?

What’s worse than going through a bad relationship? Going through another one! Going through bad relationship after bad relationship hurts and makes it hard to find a good partner. It’s not your fault that you keep selecting the wrong guy, but it IS up to YOU whether or not this pattern continues.

If you find yourself giving time and attention to the wrong men, then it’s time to change the way you vet. If you desire marriage but find yourself in relationships that don’t work out, it’s because of your vetting process. The Vet Like A Wife Workshop help single women who are ready for marriage recognize red flags and vet men to make sure they are legit.

What Will You Learn At Vet Like A Wife?

Many women had no idea how bad their vetting process was until we coached them on how to do it right. They thought they were doing a good job, but in reality, they weren’t. They were deceived because they didn’t know how to ask the right questions, the right way.

You’re going to learn all of this so you can avoid the same mistakes other women make when getting to know someone. Learning how to properly vet is empowering! You will know, with certainty, when your time is being wasted after attending the Vet Like A Wife Workshop because you’ll have learned these valuable skills:

  • How to discern red flags early so that you don’t end up in another dead-end relationship.
  • How to spot inconsistencies and protect yourself before you become attached.
  • Know the difference between a contender vs a pretender (even online) in the first few conversations.
  • Ask the right questions that cut through all of the games and lies.
  • Know exactly what you’re looking for and STICK to your guns.
  • And so much more!

Imagine having the clarity to know what you’re looking for and how to find it… Stop going through multiple breakups after a string of bad relationships. Register for this workshop and learn how to date confidently and trust yourself enough to attract the relationship you deserve!

Enroll today and get access to the replays of the entire 2 day weekend also these bonus material:

  1. 52 Vetting Questions
  2. Dating With Emotional Intelligence
  3. Relating 101

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It’s Time To Stop Guessing And Start Knowing!

Vetting is about asking the right questions, observing, and trusting your intuition. During this workshop, you will learn how to spot red flags before ending up in a dead-end relationship. This means no more hoping you made the right choice, you will know how to protect your heart and give it to the right one.

Vet Like A Wife Workshop

Day 1 – Vetting Yourself
4 hours 25 minutes
Day 2 – Vetting Others
5 hours 13 minutes
Bonus Q/A Session

Dating With Emotional Intelligence

Dating With Emotional Intelligence

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Vet Like A Wife Workshop