31 Daily Wife Affirmations 

Affirmations with email meditations for confidence and self-care over the next 31 days.

Feel worthy of love, respect and affection from your future husband.

 These 31 affirmations are designed to be done at the start of your day and will be on your lips and in your mind throughout the day. These affirmations will serve as inspirational reminders that meeting Mr. Right really can happen at any time when you focus on what's important instead of just worrying about him being out there somewhere.

By reading the affirmations at least once a day, you will:

Create a peaceful energy that reassures you're on the right track.
Gain confidence and stay grounded throughout the day. 
Stay in alignment with the vision you have for your future.
31 days of thoughtfulness, clarity, and perspective.

 When you download these affirmations you will receive daily email reminders along with a meditation of the day. 

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