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Conversational Vetting Skills

2 hour masterclass

Saturday, August 13th, 2-4pm EST

Here's What You're Going to Learn:

How to feel more confident having conversations that get you the answers you need when getting to know someone.
What questions to ask and how to make sure you get the answers you need without being sidetracked.
How to weave in the 52 vetting questions without coming across like an interviewer. 
Know the 4 methods for getting past almost anyone's defenses so that you can establish rapport and know that your voice matters. 

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How long do I have to rewatch this masterclass?

Once you register for this masterclass, you will have 1 full year to rewatch the Conversational Vetting Skills and any updates that we make to this class. 

What time does the class start?

Class starts at 2pm EST if you can't make it but have questions, you can watch the replay and ask your questions via email support. 

Who is this class for?

This class is for any woman who wants to feel comfortable asking questions while dating or in a relationship. You'll learn how to ask our 52 Vetting Questions in a stealth way in order to quickly create rapport, intimacy, and learn more about your (potential) partner in a short amount of time. 

Who is this class NOT for? 

This class isn't for anyone who wants to learn how to manipulate. One of the main things that we teach is that you can't get without giving something in return. This is called the law of reciprocation. So if you're just looking to learn how to manipulate men so that you don't get hurt, this is not the class or brand for you.