Dating With Emotional Intelligence

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What You'll Learn

Are you tired of getting your hopes up only to be let down? If you don't understand your emotions, they can get you into trouble. When you know how to Date with emotional intelligence, you're able to slow yourself down and see things before they happen.

What Happens Next

Increase your EQ and start reading new people who come into your life.  your emotions before they get out of control
Protect and manage your emotions before they get out of control
You'll learn how to stop being a people pleaser  
You'll know how to deal emotional vampires easily 
You'll have established boundaries that are respected
Get immediate access to the class and start applying today
Watch on the go whenever you need to refresh

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Client Testimonials

Eye opener about the things that limit me.  If you want to understand yourself a little bit better and build Healthy relationships that adds to you.  This is the program for you…

Nay-Nay Jackson

This is a class you must take if you want to gain clarity on what kind of relationship you want & attract & vet a man that aligns with you, can be a healthy part of the relationship you want & has the potential to be your husband.

Janet Perez

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Latarsha Smith, Washington DC

Verified Customer

It was good! I recognized how I was letting things get to my head. Highly recommend!

April 17th, 2022

Victoria Chambers, Fort Worth, TX

Verified Customer

What I loved about this training was how simple it was. I definitely overcomplicated dating which lead to a lot of mistakes. I'm working on putting into practice what I learned in this awesome class. It was well worth the price!

March 21st, 2022

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