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A Powerful Set Of Training Videos

This course will open your eyes to the men you attract or are already in your life. You'll learn everything from what men need to open up and how to ask questions at the right time to unlock his true feelings.

Why Men Shut Down & How To Avoid It

Module 1

Contrary to opinion men are highly emotional creatures, especially when you understand how we're wired. In this module you will learn how men use emotions to guide decisions of who to open up to. 

The 7 Types Of Men & The 1 Thing All Men Want

Module 2

What type of men do you find yourself attracting and why? This module explores the 7 types of men. You'll learn how they need to process information, express themselves, and what they need from you. 

Creating The Right Environment

Module 3

Without knowing how men need to prepare for intimacy you end up causing him to shut down. In this module you will learn about emotional foreplay and how to set the stage for deep connection.

Communicating To His Subconscious 

Module 4

In this module you will learn the 7 keys to his subconscious. By doing so you will bypass his emotional barriers and get the core of who he is. 

Make What You Say Matter

Module 5

Do you know why men disregard what women have to say, especially in relationships? This module show you how to make what you say matter that doesn't come across contentious and dramatic.

Translating What He Says

Module 6

What does he mean when he says...? Man women have a difficult time translating what a man is saying. This module gives you insight to translating what he means when he says certain things.  

Keeping Your Connection Strong

Module 7

The last module shares how to keep the connection you've established  and what typically pops up as relationships move through different stages.

Coach R. Anthony

Master Relationship & Dating Coach

Coach R. Anthony along with his wife has been working with singles and couples find and create healthy relationships since 2016.  We teach the inner components of relationships that work longterm!

Change The Way You Connect With Men With The Secret Love Language of Men Course!

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