Vet Like A Wife Workshop

Imagine having clarity about who is right for you and knowing whether or not you're wasting your time. By the end of this workshop you will know how to ask questions that create conversations that lead to forever! 

What Keeps A Man Interested?

You deserve to have love that lasts a lifetime. But where are the good men that want love, partnership, and commitment? I can't lie, they're not everywhere! What's harder to find is someone who is who they say they are and want marriage. Honestly most men are scared of love.

Why? Because they're not sure if they can find a woman who they would actually enjoy being with for the rest of their lives. Most men are looking for a woman who is different and can hold his attention. This is why many women have a hard time keeping a man invested in a relationship. 

Knowing what keeps a man interested in you and your relationship is the difference between a good man who stays and one who visits. You're ability to engage a man in stimulating conversations that trigger his desire to want commitment with you is key! Many women don't know this secret and hope that a man will stay just because of commitment.

That's not how the male mind works! In this workshop, you will learn how to have conversations that create trust and the desire for a man to position you as a woman he will choose for life.  

What Will You Learn At Vet Like A Wife?

You're going to learn how to attract quality men and know who is worth your time. When you learn the secrets on properly vetting, you will feel empowered and confident in your ability to have magnetic conversations! You will be sure that your time isn't being wasted by another man after attending the Vet Like A Wife Workshop.

When you finish the workshop, you will know:

How to engage in meaningful dialogue that helps him relate to you
Whether he's a contender or a pretender after 1 conversation
Confidently ask questions that get him to open up to you
How to pivot the conversation when he tries to avoid answering questions
And so much more!

vet like a wife workshop                 $47

Get started today by enrolling, you can access to this live workshop with over 10 hours of training. 

Stop Guessing And Start Knowing!

Imagine meeting a quality man and having him thinking "where has she been all of my life?" after the first conversation. This workshop will teach you how to position yourself as a woman who is the prize.


Before you vet, you have to pre-vet! Without a foundation, it will be difficult to know what to even look for.

The Different Types of Men

Different men make decisions based on different factors. You'll learn about the 7 types of guys and what they prioritize. 

How to Get What You Want

Getting what you want isn't just about wanting it. There are steps you need to starting right now in order to attract the relationship you truly want.

Why You Attract The Same Men

The type of guy(s) your attracted to plays a huge part in whether or not you will ever have a successful relationship! 

Can You Trust Him?

Men take steps to establish trust, if you're naive, you will trust the wrong one when you shouldn't.

Ask The Right Questions

Not only will you know the right questions to ask, but also how to ask them the right way.

If you want the opportunity to see where you went wrong in the past and the understanding of how to vet for the relationship/man you want definitely take this workshop!

LeCee Felix

Get These 3 Amazing Bonuses


Bonus #1

52 Vetting Questions

Get to know him on a deeper level.
Revealing questions that are not intrusive.
Have real conversations.
Instant conversation starters.
See intentions from a mile away.

Bonus #2

Dating With Emotional Intelligence 

Protect yourself while getting to know someone.
Get clear on who to allow in your emotional space.
Learn how your perception affects who you attract
Be your most authentic self while guarding your heart. 
And much more!

Bonus #3

Relating 101

Have organic conversations confidently 
Learn to set healthy boundaries
Build a solid foundation in your next relationship
How to disagree and still grow together
Develop instant chemistry over and over again!
And much more!

vet like a wife workshop                 $47

Get started today by enrolling, you can access to this live workshop with over 10 hours of training. 

Still Not 100% sure? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Signup 

You're tired of wasting your time learning the hard way!
You want to learn how to ask questions to vet men better!
You want to be more confident when talking to men!
You know the right man is out there but want to know how to attract him!
You want a man to see you for the wonderful woman that you are!

Meet YOur Coaches

Since 2016 we've been helping singles and couples manifest REAL Love. We'll show you how to discern and qualify men to make sure they are legit. We are married coaches who truly practice what we preach!

- Coaches R. Anthony & Elulu -

aka Mr. & Mrs. Coach

How long are the sessions?

This workshop has over 10 hours of teaching from my wife and I over the 2 day's and the bonus session we had later. 

How will we be able to watch the replay?

Yes! You are able to watch the recordings as many times as you'd like. Lifetime access is included in the price of $67.

Will there be Q/A?

Yes Q/A sessions will follow after the main sessions.

How do I access the workshop?

Once you enroll in the workshop, you will be sent an email detailing how to access the members area to start the workshop.

Vet like a wife workshop                  $47 

Get started today by enrolling, you can access to this live workshop with over 10 hours of training. 

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