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How To Access Your Course Purchase

Thank you for purchasing your course, challenge, or training. This brief video will show you how to navigate the membership area and how to use a credit to enroll in your course. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email with your login info. From there, you can log in to your account and the video will walk you through the last steps to get to your course materials. If you need any additional help, email support.

How To Download Your Purchase(s)

Below you will find how to download our ebooks, audiobooks, and course materials. If you need further help email support or check out the youtube links below.

Apple Device Download instructions:

  1. Once you click on the link, it’ll ask you if you want to download it. Click on “download” to get it on your phone/device.
  2. After you’ve clicked “download” go to your home screen and pull down to search your device and type “files” in the search bar.
  3. Select the files folder app. Once the app opens you should see it in the recent section. If not, in the search bar type in “The Husband Material Guide” and it will pop up.
  4. Once the audio files are on the screen just click on the first chapter and it’ll open in your iPod app and start playing.

Android Device Download Instructions:

  1. Once you click on the link, it will ask you if you want to download the file, confirm that you want to download the file(s).
  2. After you’ve downloaded the file, go to your home screen and swipe up to access the app’s screen.
  3. Tap the “My Files” or “File Manager” app on the pop-up screen.
  4. Tap “Downloads” under the categories section.
  5. On the right side, you will see the folder or list of files.
  6. Click on any of the files to open.

PC/Mac Desktop Download Instructions:

  1. Once you click on the button, it will prompt you to download the file(s). Choose where you want to place your download (make sure it’s somewhere you will remember.
  2. Click on “download” to start the download process.
  3. Once the download is complete, go to your home screen and find the zip file and click extract to open up the contents. *If you have a mac, it will automatically extract the files and create a folder.
  4. You will then have the folder with the tracks and ebook version of The Husband Material Guide.
  5. Click on the first track and it will begin playing or you can move each track into your audio player and it will continuously play each track.


Video Tutorials

iPhone File Download Video Tutorial

Android File Download Video Tutorial

Mac Desktop File Download Video Tutorial 

PC Desktop File Download Video Tutorial